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What is Ziney?
Ziney is a new social media platform, based on the idea that users should be able to sell their content to other users.
The next generation media platform
Ziney - Where users can sell their content directly to other users
Focus on quality content
Tired of low quality content and poor signal-to-noise ratio? Your ideas are too complex to express in a one-liner? Whether you are a consumer or creator of content, you are in the right place. Our focus is on quality content, from blogging to editorials to video courses.
Seamless blend of premium and free content
The service is completely free, but users can sell content to each other directly with the click of a button. Fill in your bank account and other info, set your price, and you're good to go. There are no setup fees, instead we charge a small commission on each transaction.
Simple, flexible and truly user friendly
Does hosting your content on one platform and interacting socially elsewhere seem complex and time-consuming? We give you the best of both worlds, full-fledged social media and content creation in one platform. We deliver simplicity without sacrificing functionality.
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