The Best Way to Check the Temperature in Your Freezer!
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2019-04-11 16:56
The Best Way to Check the Temperature in Your Freezer!

By: Rick Kaestner

Data loggers are modern digital devices that document temperature. Many people use them to monitor the temperature in a freezer or in a pharmaceutical storage facility, but the are also used to monitor oven temperature and other manufacturing processes.

A high temperature data logger (a logger with sensors capable of measuring high temperatures) can be used in laboratories, manufacturing plants and even bakeries. Literally any place where temperature plays a role in producing a product or affects the life of stored inventory is a potential spot where a data logger can be employed.

Data loggers are priceless tools for museums and art galleries where they monitor and document temperature and humidity. Art works and paintings must be maintained in rigidly controlled environments or they deteriorate. They can also be employed for investigating building operational problems, checking voltage and amperage in energy lines and many, many more. The only thing that limits them is which sensors are installed.

Humidity monitors
Temperature/RH data loggers such as the ThermaViewer can be used to monitor and alert personnel if temperature moves outside a 'safe' range. Knowing the relative humidity (RH) is important in every place where there are any moisture sensitive goods stored. Cigars, musical instruments and clothes - all these goods may be damaged or even destroyed by rapid RH changes. Drums' heads can split, guitars can fall apart and paintings can darken - all because of improper RH level.

High temperature
High temperature sensors can increase the data loggers' usefulness. Wherever there are heaters or ovens to monitor, a high temperature data logger will be handy. They can be used for temperature monitoring of ongoing experiments in a lab as well as for checking the temperature in ironworks' furnace. Data loggers (even high temperature ones) are relatively inexpensive and can be used by small businesses, like pizzerias and bakeries.

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Rick Kaestner is the President and CEO of Two Dimensional Instruments; the worldwide leader in providing technology to monitor, measure, record and document temperature and humidity. For more information please visit their website at

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