1. Setup content sales
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2019-04-11 16:33
1. Setup content sales

To begin selling content, start by selecting "Content Sales" from the menu. Enabling content sales does not affect existing boards, you can still choose to make part of your content free for all users. The gist of it is simple: you have your own personal Stripe account, we have another. Your Stripe deposits will in turn be transferred to a normal bank account of your choosing. Whenever you sell any content, a small percentage of your sales will go to us, and the rest to you directly. There are no hidden fees or catches. You (and Ziney) are protected by Stripe, which includes resolving and protecting against any potential credit card fraud, and you have full access to normal Stripe services like refunds. You do not need an existing Stripe account, you can set it up as you go, and it is completely free.

If for some reason you need to disconnect your Stripe account from Ziney, you can do so by again going to the "Actions" menu and selecting "Content Sales". Simply press disconnect, and you will be disconnected. You can also perform this action from your Stripe account.

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